General Hospital Pula


About the Project

In the extension of the General Hospital in Pula, we were invited by the principal contractor to execute passive fire protection. The following fire protection works were realized in the facility:

  • sealing all types of installations, including: fire dampers, electrical cables (supply and signal), non-flammable pipes with flammable insulation and flammable pipes (water-supply and sewerage) with achieved EI 90 fire resistance requirement.
  • fire resistant sealing of electrical cables with fire resistant modules.
  • sealing expansion joints with fire resistant flexible coating.
  • elevator steel structure cladding where the thickness of the fire resistant panel depends on the critical temperature of steel and Ap/V factor.
  • fire resistant cladding of ventilation ducts with fire resistant panels with which EI90 fire resistance class was achieved according to the standard EN15301-2.
  • execution of independent fire resistant facade parapet. Our product (FSP 90 - Independent fire resistant facade parapet) is a curtain wall element tasked with preventing the spread of fire and smoke from one floor of the building to the next, i.e. to the next fire compartment according to the configuration from article 14 of the Ordinance OG 29/13. Fire resistant parapet was tested according to the standard HRN EN 1364 - 4:2014 for which we obtained the declaration of conformity



Performed works

  • Fire resistant sealing of all types of installations
  • Modular cable sealing
  • Expansion joints
  • Elevator steel structure cladding
  • Fire resistant cladding of sheet metal ventilation ducts
  • Execution of independent fire resistant facade parapet - FSP -