Hotel Park - Rovinj


About the Project

In the place of the hotel built in the seventies of the last century, a new, modern, 5+ star hotel was constructed. To guarantee the safety of guests, it was necessary to satisfy current fire protection standards.

By insight into our work thus far, and the quality over many years, the client authorized FSB Ltd. to execute passive fire protection of the hotel Park in Rovinj.

Following design documents, fire resistant sealing of all types of installations was realized in the facility, according to the standard HRN EN 1366 – 3, including: electrical cables (supply and signal) and flammable pipes (water-supply and sewerage), with achieved EI 90 fire resistance requirement according to the standard HRN EN15301-2.

With sealing, cladding of electrical ducts was also realized with fire resistant panels to protect the escape route. All the works above were realized in accordance with European standards.



Performed works

  • Fire resistant sealing of all types of installations
  • Fire resistant cladding of electrical ducts