Laboratory INSPECTO d.o.o. - Osijek


About the Project

Inspecto d.o.o. laboratory is qualified according to all prescribed requirements for testing food, animal feed, soil, sludge, water and microbiological cleanliness of facilities; water sampling.

At the client’s request, we executed passive fire protection of the business building of the INSPECTO laboratory in Osijek. Following design documents, the following fire protection works were realized in the building:

  • sealing all types of installations, including: fire dampers, electrical cables (supply and signal), non-flammable and flammable pipes (water-supply and sewerage) with achieved EI90 fire resistance requirement.
  • fire resistant cladding of ventilation ducts with fire resistant panels, achieving EI90 fire resistance class according to standards HRN EN 15301 and HRN EN 1366-1.
  • sealing expansion joints using fire resistant flexible coating. All of the above works were realized according to the official technical datasheet and standards.

After that, we delivered to the client as-built documents supported with photographs. The technical inspection passed without any objections, which is evidence of our quality.



Performed works

  • Fire resistant sealing of all types of installations
  • Fire resistant cladding of ventilation ducts
  • Fire resistant sealing of expansion joints at the border of fire compartments