Oil refinery in Rijeka


About the Project

At the invitation of STSI member, INA group, we undertook the obligation to prepare the working design and realize fire protection of the load-bearing steel structure in the refinery Rijeka, heat exchange plant and connecting bridge.

The project requirement was to execute fire protection and to achieve R120 fire resistance tested according to the requirements of hydrocarbon curve, classified according to HRN EN 13501-2.

We selected CAFCO (Promaspray) Fendolite MII system for the execution of works. In cooperation with the supervising service Ivica Consulting, we agreed on the working detail with accepting minimum thickness of fire resistant plaster up to 30 millimeters.

In accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, galvanized reinforcement mash was placed on all parts of loadbearing steel structure, thereby ensuring stability of fire resistant plaster in layers of over 25 mm thickness. According to the requirements of the manufacturer’s technology, the surface of fire resistant plaster needs to be additionally impregnated to improve resistance to moisture penetration. In that regard, we applied an impregnation layer (top coat).



Performed works

  • Fire resistant protection of load-bearing steel structure