About the Project

At the client’s request, we executed passive fire protection of the hotel in Motovun. Following design documents, the following fire protection works were executed in the facility:

  • sealing all types of installations, including: fire dampers, electrical cables (supply and signal), non-flammable pipes with flammable insulation and flammable pipes (water-supply and sewerage), with achieved EI 90 fire resistance requirement.
  • sealing expansion joints with fire resistant flexible coating.
  • fire resistant cladding of ventilation ducts with fire resistant panels, with which EI90 fire resistance class was achieved according to the standard EN15301-2.
  • fire resistant partition on the elevator shaft reveal realized with fire resistant panels.
  • drop ceiling resistant to fire on both sides realized with fire resistant panels which must satisfy EI90 fire resistance requirement.



Performed works

  • Fire resistant sealing of all types of installations
  • Fire resistant sealing of expansion joints at the border of fire compartments
  • Fire resistant cladding of ventilation ducts
  • Fire resistant non-load-bearing partition on the elevator shaft reveal
  • Fire resistant drop ceiling