What we do


Fire and smoke endanger human lives and kill people, destroy property and lead to severe standstills in production, and exceptionally high consequential costs. FSB offers safety solutions that contribute to salvaging property, and most importantly, to saving human lives, in case of disaster. As a multi-skilled and experienced partner, FSB provides for designers and engineers full support in preparing construction and technical concepts of fire protection.

Proven, modern, innovative and cost-effective products, in conjunction with clear and perceivable construction principles are the basis of our safety systems. FSB disposes of a wide range of products in construction and technical fire protection that continues to grow and develop every day. All our systems are classified according to EN 13501-1, EN 13501-2 and EN 13501-3.


Our superior team of engineers has all the necessary knowledge, skills, and most importantly, experience in optimization and selection of most suitable solutions for any given project. Each project is approached individually. In cooperation with the principal designer, supervising engineer and fire protection designer, we analyze the project task from all the aspects (architectural appearance, structural analysis, construction physics, and, indispensably, fire protection). Being familiar with a wide range of potential technical solutions, with the consent of all participants in the project, we select the most cost-effective solution. In this manner we ensure for investors the implementation of technically certified solutions with an acceptable price model. Ultimately, we realize significant savings for our clients.


In implementing our solutions, three elements are crucial – flexibility, reliability and quality. To satisfy these, we have been cooperating with the best fitters for a long time. All partners pass the training for implementing our solutions, and their success in implementing the solutions in practice is reflected in numerous successfully realized projects.

Even though trust is essential to us, all executed works pass through rigorous quality control performed by our engineers, so that we may guarantee to our clients successfully passing of the technical inspection within the given deadline.

If you have any questions regarding our services, contact us with confidence.