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Market-oriented provider of optimal solutions for passive fire protection

The company FSB Ltd. offers quality safety solutions for the protection of human life and property with full support in preparing construction and technical concepts of fire protection.


We have rich experience and knowledge in the field of passive fire protection in construction industry.

The company fosters excellence and professional team work, as evidenced by various successfully realized projects (over 25 projects a year), as well as numerous references.

Quality and excellence

We fulfill the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 relating to quality management. Quality management and assurance, and the strive for excellence encompass also the possession of specific knowledge that is necessary for successful realization of construction projects.

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According to the Fire Protection Law, buildings and industrial facilities have to be designed in such a manner as to prevent spreading of fires and smoke, as well as to ensure best possible people and property protection. In case of a fire, uncoordinated planning and poor fire protection system implementation can cause significant direct and indirect damages, in addition to preventing effective extinction of fires.

In order to minimize the effects of fires, FSB offers not only comprehensive solutions but also complete technical support - from the planning stages throughout the construction completion. Our work is the proof that combining theory and practice, while using selected and tested systems, can result in suitable fire protection solutions. Only selected products and systems are used for Passive Fire Protection in construction, power plants (hydro and thermal power plants – power plant substations), refineries, etc. Very high safety standards in addition to cost effectiveness are our biggest criteria when selecting materials and systems for a particular project. In addition, we are fully familiar with the new European Union regulations and directives, and all our project implementation documentation is prepared according to all current standards and regulations. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of fire protection, and our work is performed with care and consideration of other construction requirements (e. g., physics and structural design of the building, as well as aesthetic design of the building), which we also support with technical elaborates when requested.

dipl. Ing. Stipe Barišić

A word from our CEO

Going back 20 years, from the initial creation of the legal framework in the Republic of Croatia (as well as in the region), I have been actively involved in setting the standards for the high quality Passive Fire Protection in construction and manufacturing.

As a founder and long term Director of Promat G.m.b.h. branch in Croatia, and later as a Procurement Specialist at Promat Gradjevinski Materijali (Promat Building Materials) and Technical Director of Promat SEE, through a professional engineering approach I have set a very high standards in the field of Passive Fire Protection in Croatia and entire region.. This has been evidenced by numerous reference projects of which I would single out Pliva Pharmaceutical plants in Zagreb and Savski Marof, Rovinj Tobacco Factory, Termoelektrana Plomin 2 (Thermal Power Plant Plomin 2), TE-TO Zagreb, Hotel Esplanade Zagreb, Hotel Le Meridien Lav Split, HOTO Business Tower, Hypo Center Zagreb, Euro Tower in Zagreb, the new Zagreb International Airport, and Dubrovnik Airport.

In 2013 I founded my own company FSB and continued to operate through already established business model – offering consulting services in selecting the optimal set of measures for Passive Fire Protection in construction, as well as undertaking the execution of more complex projects. Throughout all these years, my goal continues to be the same, striving to approach my work in a professional and, above all, engineering focused manner as I believe this is the only approach sustainable on a long term basis. Some of the projects I have worked on with FSB are the Zagrebacka Banka (Zagreb Bank) Administrative Building at the Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, Adris Group Business Center in Zagreb, Eltz Castle in Vukovar, Vipnet Call Center in Zagreb, Lukaps Pharmaceutical Factory in Ludbreg, and the new Belupo Pharmaceutical Factory in Koprivnica.

I believe that everyone I have worked with so far can attest to my abilities and my professionalism, and that the aforementioned projects speak for themselves to that effect.